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CONVENIENT – Provided online from your home

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VISION – Take charge of your dental health

For everyone

Help Me With My Teeth provides you with fast, inexpensive, non-biased, professional dental advice hassle free from anywhere in the world. This will allow you to take charge of your own dental health without the stress of being in the dental chair and having to make a quick, pressure-filled decision.

For the elderly

Help Me With My Teeth protects our seniors from unnecessary visits to the dentist and hence prevent unnecessary potential exposure to disease by getting remote consultations done in the safety of their homes.

For the remote worker

Help Me With My Teeth helps people who are not in a position to visit an English speaking dentist including remote location workers, foreign workers, digital nomads, etc, etc. Getting an English consultation helps you clarify your options and navigate the difficulties of cross cultural and cross-language dental care.

TRUST – Professional and qualified staff

A 2019 U.S. Gallop Poll found that only 36% of people had a great deal of confidence in the medical system. People are not trusting the advice they are getting from their doctor and dentist. The HUGE advantage of our service is that we do not profit in any way from the advice we give, so there is no incentive to “sell” you any treatment.

SECOND OPINION – Know all your options

More and more people are seeking second opinions for their medical and dental treatments, especially when significant treatment is recommended. Have all the less-expensive and less invasive alternatives been investigated? We provide clarification and clear, detailed instruction on all the alternatives to help you better choose the right treatment for you and your budget.


More and more people are nervous about leaving their homes and travelling to their dental appointments. They are concerned about their safety and yet want to stay on top of their dental care. A “tooth talk” is the ideal and safest option for providing ultimate dental consultations in this current era of Covid-19 cross contamination. You can plan your dental care while staying safely at home and only travel to the dentist if absolutely necessary.

Grab hold of your own dental health with personal, confidential, quality guidance​.

Customer Review

I was recommended by a family member to seek out Seth and Dr Martin Potter for advice on a dental issue that became increasingly complicated as my situation evolved over a period of about three weeks.  I think that most people's natural persuasion, especially in Canada, is to trust their primary health care professional and not seek 2nd opinions.  In my case, my worries over the necessity, cost and consequences of a potential root canal/implant + substantial crown work are what influenced my decision.

That being said, at no time did I feel like Seth or Dr. Potter were calling into question the competence or recommendations of my own dentist. 

I think that services of this type have their place.  It fits with the idea that we need to become better educated and advocate for our own health.  I would recommend this route to anyone who is in need of more support to make a decision on how they might get the best or most useful help from their dentist.

WE DO NOT PROFIT in any way from the dental treatment we recommend. ​Our advice is free of ALL bias!!