Frequently Asked Questions


Can I see an example of a typical online dental consult?

Sure, just click on the YouTube video below!

What about the confidentiality?

This is a VERY important issue. will NEVER upload, sell, rent or disclose your name, address, phone number, email, website, or medical/dental history. Your confidential textual/identity information will remain in confidence between you and us and be fully protected.

Do I still need a dentist? is not intended to replace your dentist. We believe we can help you with your dental issues in a manner that may be difficult for your dentist to provide. Regular dental care at your dental office of choice is always recommended.

I'm broke... Can you help?

Yes we can. Send along an image and mention that you're having financial problems and Dr. Potter will offer you some “help in need”.

Why doesn't my dentist explain my dental options ​as thoroughly ​as you do?

Dentists tend to focus on working on teeth. That is sadly the training we receive. Many dentists do not emphasize communication or education. Often, patients are scheduled in a way that severely limits the time a dentist has with a patient to communicate. We feel that is in a much better position to educate you completely about your oral health without the pressure of "selling" and without the conflict of interest of profit based dental advice.

A lot of dental information is free online, why isn't free?

It would be great if we could offer this service to you free but costs are high. If you can find a place to get free, personalized advice from a trained professional with over 25 years experience, don't tell anyone! We believe at that you will not regret any investment you put into educating yourself about your health.