• Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

We offer online dental examination  based on digital images from your own IntraOral Camera or supplied from your dental provider.

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We offer professional dental care for corporations!

We are here to provide hassle-free, complete dental care for any size operation, anywhere in the world.

YOU may find it interesting that ​HelpMeWithMyTeeth.com offers dental services including:

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For a package of dental care for your staff anywhere in the world to assist in keeping your staff healthy, pain-free and productive regardless if the project is a mine in the Far East, an oil rig in the Bering Sea or a geological survey in the polar ice cap or anything else.

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  • Emergency online consultations for fractured teeth, dental infections, or any dental concern.
  • Prescription services and recommendations for dental infections.
  • Consultation with regard to foreign dental providers' recommendations.
  • Analysis of radiographs taken at foreign dental providers.
  • Complete corporate dental services for staff including fly-in ​personal dental care provided by American Dental Association approved dentists on-site anywhere in the world.