My Dentist Got Hacked!

As the world becomes more digital our chances of getting hacked are higher. Suddenly all your personal x-rays, images, past treatment and even your personal financial information are encrypted and unusable. How can you protect your personal dental information from getting hacked?

You can't prevent your dentist being hacked, but you can start taking possession of your own personal images. Get used to taking a jump drive to the dentist and having him/her download any new images onto your own device. That way, should something happen to your information at the dental office, your own images are safe. This will prevent you from having to pay again for images that were just taken and allow the dentist to provide you with the best treatment. Now is the time to start taking control of your own dental health in an increasingly computerized world.

Article referenced in the video: https://www.pcmag.com/news/ransomware-attack-hits-400-dental-offices-across-the-us